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"NO" clarifies everything

I am still amazed today at the number of people who believe in "tips & tricks", "tactics" and other ploys to force an outcome onto the other party. This morning I was trying to help my counterpart clarify his thinking as to the objectives he was pursuing in a negotiation training. I was nonplussed by the answer, which I summarize here : "Don't waste time using questioning skills on me. All I want is low price standard courses."

Well, this was interesting, because his CEO had told me an entirely different story. After restating that I did not believe in tactics, or tips & tricks because they kill the relationship, and after hearing 4 or 5 times " yes, but I am honest and open", it was time for me to respectfully decline the opportunity and say Goodbye. 

A true "No" is better than a fake "Yes".  

Oh! One more thing! People who are honest and open don't feel the need to repeat it every other sentence.

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