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  • about Nego Asia


    Better deals better life ! The mission of Nego Asia is to elevate the level of success of individuals and organizations through consulting, coaching, and training, in negotiation, sales performance, and sales team management.


    Learn from the best ! Nego Asia is the China Distributor of one of the global leading sales performance consultancies, Halifax Consulting. Through Nego Asia, you too can access the wealth of sales training expertise of Halifax Consulting.


    Choose your language ! Our model makes it possible for you to receive trainings delivered by native Chinese certified consultants or experienced business people delivering in English with real-time Chinese translation on demand.


    Go digital ! Blended learning maximizes your Return On Investment by alternating e-learning, presential workshops, online reinforcement, and with the further possibility of providing your sales force with customized digital selling solutions.

  • start where you are

    'A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.' Lao Zi

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    Use a common sales process across your organization and bring more results now without putting the future in danger.

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    Tired of giving away free discounts? Use the right negotiating process to protect your value in front of tough negotiators.

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    Build an organization where managers behave as coaches to inspire their teams to deliver consistently high performance.

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    Halifax Consulting, a leading global sales performance consultancy founded in 2003 by Nicolas Caron and Frederic Vendeuvre, trains more than 10,000 sales people per year.

    DEAL, LEAD and BOSS are registered trademarks of Halifax Consulting. Used by permission.



  • choose your format

    'Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it'. Lao Zi

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    Leverage Other People's Expertise

    Like other people's money, aka OPM, other people's expertise can be a great accelerator of performance you can tap from while building your own sales, management, and negotiation skills with experts from other industries.

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    Get tailor-made training to fit your specific challenges

    Bespoke training is the best response to enrich initial knowledge gained in inter-enterprise workshops, or to build particular skills to address industry or corporate-specific situations.

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    Digital Solutions

    Forget the forgetting curve, accelerate your sales

    Our blended solutions comprised of pre-workshop e-learning, presential workshops, post-workshop online reinforcement and one-day review sessions make the forgetting curve a thing of the past, and your ROI a very real thing of the future, starting now.

  • take it to the next level

    negotiation consulting and coaching

    Most negotiators 'reach an agreement'

    to make the pain of the tension of no-deal go away.


    Therefore the trained negotiator will build maximum tension

    in your heart and mind all along the negotiation process

    until the pain has become emotionally unbearable.


    When this stage is reached, the only way out of the pain

    will be a deal. Any deal. Whatever the figures. Whatever

    the BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement).


    In Asia, where face is of paramount importance,

    therefore subject to all kinds of manipulation, the game

    is all the more dangerous as most of the time it is invisible.


    It doesn't have to be that way... Don't let

    your obsession with results ruin your focus on preparation,

    or your obsession to please ruin your focus on execution.




    Contact us and ask about our individual

    negotiation coaching and consulting solutions.




    版权所有 诺够(上海)贸易有限公

    Copyright Nego (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. all rights reserved

  • your team

    Nicolas Clement, ESSEC, Stanford, Camp Negotiation Institute
    Founder & General Manager

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    Nego Asia was founded by Nicolas Clement, a respected professional with 30 years of sales and negotiation expertise, bearing on transactions sometimes exceeding the hundred million dollar mark, and acquired working for global and China leaders in their respective fields.


    Based in Shanghai, with a presence of more than 10 years in China, and a Certified Consultant & Trainer of Halifax Consulting, Nicolas, through Nego Asia, is the Distributor of Halifax Consulting in China. He personally delivers all their trainings in French or English.


    Nicolas is also a credentialed Master Team Member of the Camp Negotiation Institute, founded by the late Jim Camp, author of 'Start with No', and holds two Dale Carnegie Certificates, respectively Communication & Leadership, and Professional Selling.


    Nicolas is a graduate from ESSEC, and serves as the President of the China Chapter of ESSEC Alumni. He is also a Vice President of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China.


    In January 2017, Nicolas earned a Professional Certificate in Strategic Decision & Risk Management from Stanford University, in which he achieved the score of 97% in negotiation.


    Nicolas is one of those rare individuals who not only masters various disciplines but continues to build upon them delivering a top 1% performance level. He is a person of integrity, character, and loyalty who accomplishes any objective he identifies as one worthy of his efforts. I would recommend highly to anyone in any circumstance.

    Jim Camp, founder, Camp Negotiation Institute, Author of “Start With No”



    版权所有 诺够(上海)贸易有限公

    Copyright Nego (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. all rights reserved

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